Candy Crush is the only Saga

Recently I’ve been blogging about the sagas Mr Sunshine and I face whenever we try for a romantic break. Last Saturday night was the final straw.

We’d booked months ago a trip to Amsterdam to see Russell Brand. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but we like him. Despite Mr Sunshine prophecies of misadventure, I resurrected the mascara, darned the hole in my only dress, and prepared the dog for a long evening alone. I won’t go into great detail, but I will point out my new Dutch Language skills didn’t help me decipher the crackly message repeatedly relayed over the public address system in the train station. When we finally decoded the message it was something along the lines of: ‘All trains travelling in the direction of Amsterdam have been cancelled due to fires in the tunnels running along the tracks.’

I give up. I really do!


Apparently inside the tunnels on the way to Asterdam

That night when I woke with a sugar (wine) rush at 3am I realised I had more things to worry about than disastrous dates with Mr Sunshine. I have become an addict. Waking at 3 am is no fun, it’s a desolate hour for insomniacs, but it’s also the hour Mr Sunshine won’t notice the screen full of primary colours lighting up my iphone.

I’m convinced Candy Crush Saga teaching me endurance and perseverance. It’s also teaching me deception: Facebook is too public – with the iphone I don’t have to ask others for a hand over the bridge, no one comments that level 149 is pushing the limits of acceptable game play for a mature student and I can sneak downstairs at 3am to play in secret.

2013-11-12 14.22.12

3 am and a new level unlocked

Are there any other Candy Crush addicts?  Did you get past level 149? If so could you email the secret?


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