One Of The Greatest Contributing Factors To Happiness

This morning I clicked on one of those Upworthy links, Then I spent all day thinking about it.  Apparently scientists have ‘proven’ that one of the greatest contributing facts toward happiness is how much gratitude you show.

I’d decided to try it out.

The link suggested writing about someone who influence in your life you were grateful for – then reading it to them. This posed two problems:

1, if I were to do that I’d end up flapping my hands about and being flippant, trivialising my gratitude.

2, I had so many people whose influence I was grateful for it felt mean to single one out.

In no particular order

I am grateful for my sister’s influence in my life – she has proven to me over and over again that with determination and tenacity you can make your dreams come true. She has also shown me how to see beyond the obvious, and to judge not as society dictates, but as your heart commands. And for being there for me every single day when I was struggling young mother.

I am grateful for my brother’s influence in my life – for his honestly and nobility. For standing up for what is right, and backing up his convictions with action. For forcing me to watch athletics and boxing, sharing my excitement on Christmas morning. For being my childhood friend.

I am grateful for my mother’s influence in my life – for being the most amazing enabler. For her, not so quiet, pride in everything her family achieves, for her tears when we fail. For being the perfect role model, an icon whose capability for love and dedication towards her family has never wavered.

I cannot count the ways in which I’m a grateful my children’s influence in my life – I am still grateful for every smile, every time I hear the words ‘I love you too mum.’  I am grateful each time they reach a birthday and for teaching me that love and fear walk side by side.   gems

I am grateful for the influence of friends in my life – I’ve learnt that friendship isn’t about time or distance, but sharing giggles and tears, confidences and dreams, for celebrating moments, and for littering the sometimes ugly road of life with gems.

Finally, I am grateful for Mr Sunshine’s influence in my life – for insisting I can do more, for telling me every day ‘You are good enough.’ For slogging so hard to make this life work, for saying ‘no’ to bullshit, and for propping me up every time I think my dreams are too high to reach.

OK. I could keep going, but I’ve promised Mr Sunshine I’ll keep the blogs under 500 words.

So did it work do I feel happier? Surprisingly yes.

Who are you grateful to?